Newbie question - code disappears upon exiting...

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Hello all,
I'm a bit new to this so please forgive my obvious mistakes...

I have created a website using Dreamweaver and uploaded the pages to my hosting company -

The problem I am having is the code I have created in Dreamweaver for the Title tag is not showing in the code of the uploaded page. I guess the software being used to upload is altering it...?
Anyway, I have tried going in to edit the uploaded page via the platform/portal 123-reg provide but although the code adds in a page title upon saving and exiting, the next time I go to view or edit the code, it is no longer there!? If I edit anything else on the page and not add that code in every time, the title will disappear when the page is next loaded in a browser...!

The code I am pasting in is this:


The rest of the code is here:

Please help, it's really frustrating and 123-reg "support" are telling me it's a coding issue and they can't help....what am I doing wrong!?

Any help greatly appreciated.

p.s: If you look at the page now, and the source code, the will show but if I go back in to edit another part of the code it will no longer be there, and not show when the page is reloaded....

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There are a number of errors shown up by the validator at
I suggest you run that. The key one might be that there is nothing telling the browser what coding to use. The validator makes suggestions


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