Upgraded to Ubuntu! (Linux)

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Well, xubuntu to be precise, from Windows XP. Last week I was getting really frustrated with how slow my computer was on windows (It's a 1ghz athlon with 256 mb ram). Liam showed me how fast xubuntu was even running from a CD on my computer. I decided that I wanted to use that operating system instead. So we upgraded! Very exciting Smiling

I am going to be writing a series of articles about my upgrading experiences. Liam is trying not to help me too much - last night he made me find out on my own why my package manager didn't include everything. We no longer have a windows machine at home so I will be using xubuntu exclusively at least until I get a new computer that can handle windoze.

I wonder how long it will take me to seriously hate having to use windows at work!

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That's awesome, Megan! It's always a lot of fun switching operating systems and learning a new one.

Oh, and after I switched to Mac OSX, I quickly began to hate using Windows at work. There's a Mac down here in IT that doesn't get used and is a few years old. I may have to swipe it some morning when I come in earlier than everyone else...

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Good for you Megan, it's good to learn Linux now because it's getting more popular everyday.

I wanted to install ubuntu, but every time I download it, it ends up being corrupt. So I’m stuck with SuSE. Oh well.

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Surprisingly, I don't really hate any OS at all - and I use all three quite comfortably. At Uni, I use a Mac OS X, at work Windows and at home, Linux (Ubuntu).

Really, I don't see much call for anyone to hate any OS. They each have their strengths and weaknesses. Although, I must admit, Linux is my first preference followed closely by OS X then Windows...

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ERmm... I didn't say I hated windows. I didn't say I would hate windows. I said I might hate using it, and I wasn't really 100% serious when I said that Wink

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Oh yeah, I realise that Megan, sorry if it sounded like it was directed at you - it wasn't - it's not directed at anyone.

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That's cool, Megan! Hope it works out well for you. Smiling

You and Jeeves sound like you're on the right track with the learning process. However, feel free to ask around here as well should you need outside assistance. Smiling

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Well, I have been finding it a little frustrating so far. Liam has broken down and given me some more help. It's taking a long time to do things because I have to spend hours figuring out how to do something, like get Flash to work for example (haven't actually done that yet). Or find a muisic player that can handle Mp3's. Liam told me about something called easybuntu which will help with a lot of these problems.

My furstration factor this week has been greatly multiplied by the asinine implementation of Gallery v.2 and its incomprehensible templates. Grrr....

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thats good to hear
Linux is an excellent OS (not to take anything away from Windows though)
Ive used that CD before and I love the experience.

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Most of the problems Megan's been having were easily solved by a single download: http://easyubuntu.freecontrib.org/ The problem is always how to push the newbie into discovering that software exists and they can be watching DVD's, playing MP3's, and watching Flash in minutes.

Also most people--if they actually did install it themselves--don't seem to remember that Windows rarely works 100% out of the box either. Drivers still need downloading, programs need installing etc. That doesn't make it easy to switch from a comfortable Windows installation where everything is setup already though! Smiling

Thanks for the offer of help Abhi, much appreciated.

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