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i install a router on my network, since then i cant access my ftp account.
i suppose it's a firewall issue, but i can't find that option in the router admin.
the router admin system is conexant.
does anyone have any idea how can i disable the firwall or open ports ?

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Most hardware routers don't block outgoing ports by default. I don't know about the brand but this may help:
Click Start/Run
Type in cmd
Type in ipconfig /all
Note default gateway.
Open your browser window and type in the default gateway address.
A login box should appear
Possible username:password combinations are admin:admin, admin:blank, blank:admin and admin:password.

Once you are logged in, you should be able to open and close ports.

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Check your FTP software settings. It may just be that you are set to an active type ftp connection which doesn't like Firewalls. If so you may change that to a passive connection which just may solve it without compromising your firewall.

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you need to go into your router settings and forward the port for ftp with is set to 21 but to be smart never use 21 as it's a common port and bandwidth usuage is monitored and easier for people to break into. Use a high port ...........tell me what router you have and I can better help you. This is the best way the last thing you want to do is disable your router firewall, that would be a waste. - Free Image Hosting

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