good screen rulers?

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i making a list of good open source or freeware (REAL freeware, not demo, shareware, etc.) screen rulers to recomend to clients and developers. what is your favorite screen ruler for each operating system you use?

i've only used kde for the last 5 years, so i'm only aware of kruler. Smiling and yes i know google is your friend, but nothing beats personal experience, espcially with all the google spammers these days.

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If you are happy only using it on Firefox, the MeasureIt extension is very good. And free. If you want rest of development, I don't know. What's wrong with KRuler? (apart from a flux of stupid K's!)

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thanks for the MeasureIt tip. i'm happy with kruler, but i'm composing a list of rulers to recomend to clients and customers who may be using any operating system.

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I use free ruler for Mac OS X

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I use ScreenMeasure by Ecis. Works Vertically and horizontally, reads colors in RGB#, and has a magnifying spot to get down to the last pix. Averages the diagonal area, and does some more little tricks I don't remember right now. Anyhuu you will find it at link below. Smiling


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