All operating system in the world

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his topic started for get knowledge about all operating system in the world. Most of computer uses Microsoft OS. In India windows98 OS very popular.

I know Linux is a free OS. I will request you to please discuss all OS available in the world.

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I know one version of Linux that is popular right now is Suse. I'm running an intranet webserver at home with Suse 9.3, I believe it is.

At home I also have a Mac with OSX, two computers with XP professional, one with Win98 SE and one (unused) with Windows 95.

All in all, my vote for the most usable and stable OS is OSX. That's also why I'm switching to my Mac as my main computer.

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I am using Ubuntu linux at home, Mac OS X at uni and Windows XP at home.

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Mac and suse are the best, I used novell desktop which is still the same like suse and I can say that I was very happy about it. I recommend it , but still I am using mac, I don't know why but the very good os. About windows I keep my mouth shut...Sticking out tongue

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I think OSX or Linux not great stable than WinXP. All problems that we have with windows - it`s really popular OS. So there are a lot of mans who do any programs for that OS. And do it not good. So we after it we have problems with OS. Also all hackers hack win, and do viruses for it, and found errors in it, becouse it`s the most popular system, and 90% of users used it.
If Unix like system will get 90% of users - you`ll see the effect. It will be the sane problems as we now have with windows.

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I used Windows Me OS at my Home.

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well if it is linux I would recomend everyone Linux Mandriva, it's a great os and it already have all the programs that you would need, and not only that, it have at least from 3 to 5 programs for every action that you want to do, for example view movies, play music, browsing, server administration, etc, Mac OSX it's great if you like graphic desing, but if you want to keep playing then I would recomend you to stay in windows, but if you have more than 512mb in ram and a GPU (graphics processor unit) card like a Nvidia or an Ati, and a good processor too, then I would recomend you to get Windows Xp media center edition 2005, why, because it takes more advantage of the pc, it will make your computer run better and it doesnt have a lot of problems like the normal xp ¬_¬U

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