Advice please on using a Word Template to print cheques (checks)

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Help with a Word Template please

How do Folks, hope you don't mind if I pick up your collective expertise please?

In the Government Dept. I work for we issue quite a few cheques (checks) but it has to be said the way they're printed leaves a lot to be desired. I apologise in advance for what may be a rambling explanation :xeye:

We have a very basic template set up in MS Word (developed through many hours of trial & error), which we know from practise roughly lines up with the blank cheque (check) itself.

We type the payee details over the previous information on the template, test print as plain A4 and then hold the typed A4 sheet behind the cheque to double-check it has lined up okay.
If it is, we then put the blank cheque into the printer and print the completed template, this time onto the cheque (check) itself.

This is a terribly labour intensive and convoluted way of doing cheques and there must surely be a better way?

What really brought it all to a head is that the Company has just bought a new Printer and the old templates no longer align exactly :bawling:

One field in particular (located to the extreme bottom left of the cheque) wants to print on the non-printable left margin of the page. Reduce the left margin too much and the complete reference number will not print, increase the margin slightly so that the no. just appears and no more and it's too far to the right?


Thanks in anticipation


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If you get a decent printer and some DTP software like quark your'll be able to make much more precise prints. Word just isnt designed to work like that.


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Thanks for the reply Andy.
I don't have Quark but I think there's another DTP software program floating around the office and I'll have a go.

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